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House Lifting

At Ironmen Building Movers, we understand that there are several reasons why homeowners might need to lift their homes. From foundation repair to flood protection, lifting your home can provide many benefits. Our team of house lifting contractors specialize in home lifting services in Jersey and New York to ensure that your home is safely elevated, minimizing any potential damage that could occur. Contact us to get started with our house lifting contractors today!

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Benefits of Lifting Your Home

Lifting your home can provide numerous benefits for homeowners. One major benefit is raising your home out of a flood-prone area to protect it from potential damage. Another benefit is that elevated homes are less likely to be affected by high-wind events. You can also gain valuable square footage by installing additional space beneath your home. Our team of house lifting contractors can assist you in exploring all the possible benefits and making the right decision for your home's needs.

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The House Lifting Process

Lifting your home may seem daunting, but at Ironmen Building Movers, we use the latest in technology and equipment to make the process seamless. Our team works with homeowners to understand their property, obtain necessary permits, prepare the site, and assess the home's structural integrity. We then coordinate with our team of experts to safely raise your home, ensuring that it is well-secured and protected throughout the entire operation.

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Hiring Professional Home Lifting Contractors

When it comes to home lifting, it's essential to work with professionals with the necessary skills and experience. That's where Ironmen Building Movers comes in. Our team of house lifting contractors have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that your home lifting operation is completed successfully and safely. We are licensed, insured and constantly training our team to maintain up-to-date knowledge, skills, and safety. We are aware of all the safety issues and consider all form factors related to the home lifting process.

Work With Our Jersey and New York House Lifting Contractors!

If you are in need of a house raising service or home lifting, contact Ironmen Building Movers today. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your home lifting project is executed smoothly. Our commitment to quality and safety makes us the leading house lifting service provider in the region. Contact us and trust us to elevate your home to new heights!

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What our customers are saying

"extremely methodical and professionally thorough"

"They were super responsive at all times from the planning stages to the time our home was set back on the foundation. Jeremy was extremely methodical and professionally thorough throughout the project in WestHampton Beach, NY”

Michele A.

"excellent job"

“They have done an excellent job on our west Hampton Beach house lifting project very knowledgeable and courteous will use again on future projects.”

- Rahim G.

"I would highly recommend Ironmen to anyone"

“I would highly recommend Ironmen to anyone looking for house lifting/moving services. We hired Jeremy in the summer of 2022 to lift our house by 7-8 feet in order to build a new foundation beneath. Jeremy was honest, super responsive, efficient and professional from beginning to end. His crew was incredibly hard-working and efficient. It only took 5 days for Jeremy and his team to prep the site and lift our house! He stuck to promised timelines and was communicative at all times, which my husband and I truly appreciated. We are grateful to Ironmen for taking such care in lifting and lowering our house back down without a hitch.”

- Joyen T.


We look forward to helping you get your project started so you can be back on your feet and back in your home.