Building Lifting for Foundation Repair: Addressing Structural Issues from the Ground Up

Our Building Lifting Process

Building Lifting for Foundation Repair: Addressing Structural Issues from the Ground Up

At Ironmen Building Movers, we understand that foundation problems can cause significant stress for homeowners. When the integrity of your home's foundation is compromised, it can lead to a host of issues, including uneven floors, cracks in walls, and even structural instability. That's where our expertise in building lifting comes in. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team, we can address these concerns from the ground up, ensuring a solid foundation for your home. Learn how building lifting works below, and call for a free quote in the Greater New York area and New Jersey today.

Home inspection

Assessment and Planning

Before we begin any work, our team will conduct a thorough assessment of the foundation and surrounding area. We'll evaluate the extent of the damage and develop a detailed plan to lift the building safely and efficiently.

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Foundation repair

Preparing the Site

To ensure a smooth building lifting process, we'll prepare the site by clearing any obstacles, disconnecting utilities, and ensuring the surrounding area is safe and secure.

Lowering and Restoring Foundation

Lifting the Building

Using our advanced hydraulic jacking system, we'll carefully and precisely lift your building. This process allows us to access and repair the foundation, addressing any structural issues that may be present.

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Lowering and Restoring Foundation

Foundation Repair

With the building lifted, our team can assess the foundation and carry out necessary repairs. This may involve reinforcing the existing foundation, replacing damaged footings, or installing additional supports to ensure long-term stability.

Lowering and Restoring Foundation

Lowering and Restoring

Once the foundation repairs are complete, we'll gradually lower the building back onto its new, stable foundation. Our team will take great care to ensure a seamless and precise lowering process.


If you're facing foundation problems, don't hesitate to contact us at Ironmen Building Movers. We're here to provide reliable building lifting solutions and restore the integrity of your home's foundation. Trust us to address your structural concerns using our proven expertise in building lifting in the Greater New York area and New Jersey. Call today.

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